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About Us

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There are some kids who seem naturally confident, even at an early age. However, even those kids suffer from moments where they lack confidence; it could be the star athlete who lacks the confidence to say ‘no’ to his locker-room pals when they offer him alcohol. Or, it could be the straight A student who doesn’t quite know how to handle the verbal abuse hurled at her by her classmates because she’s a “schoolgirl.” Our program aims to build self-confidence and self-esteem in all children. Areas of focus include posture and body language, effective use of voice, daily affirmations, and more. 

LAUSD Vendor


We are a current LAUSD Vendor, who helps students learn more about building confidence and educating students about bullying. We strive to provide resources and guidance to all students across LAUSD. 

Training Kids On Self-Confidence


There will be 40-60 minute training classes offered for children to build self-confidence in relation to the I Will Not Be Bullied, I Will Not Bully Others book series. Classes are available for schools, libraries, learning centers, day cares, churches, and more! You can send us a message and start booking now!